Last year we received a staggering 1,400 nominations and 5,300 votes for our healthcare professionals across the UK. This year we want to recognise all the hard work and dedication our Pulse nurses, midwives, healthcare assistants, ODPs and support workers do. Find out which categories you can vote for below.

Community Award

Our community professionals provide expert, compassionate care and support for patients and their families, in their homes and in the community. This category also includes community and district nurses, health visitors and school nurses.

Critical Care Award

A&E, ITU and specialist nurses play a vital role in the NHS’s busy and sometimes tense emergency departments. Often working extremely long hours, our nurses are highly skilled and care for patients when they are at their most vulnerable.

General Award

These people not only possess clinical experience and expertise but also the ability to care for their patients in a compassionate and kind manner. They play a vital role in educating patients on how best to manage their symptoms, as well as offering support.

Homecare Award

Regularly regarded as ‘part of the family’, these healthcare professionals make a huge difference to their patients’ lives, allowing them to live comfortably and independently and often providing other family members and carers with a much-needed rest.

Long Service Achievement Award

This award recognises the nurses, midwives, ODPs, healthcare assistants and support workers who have been committed and driven for a number of years and who have supported Pulse throughout this time.

Mental Health Award

Our mental health professionals work with people suffering from a variety of mental health conditions. As well as being hugely rewarding, mental health work, which requires high levels of compassionate care, is often complex and very demanding.

Midwifery Award

Midwifery requires a very special dedication; it’s much more than just delivering babies. A midwife is usually the first and main contact for an expectant mother, a good midwife can make a huge difference to mother and baby during this important time.

Paediatrics Award

As well as being hugely rewarding, paediatric nursing can be emotionally tough. A good paediatric carer communicates and connects naturally with children. Always ready with a smile, their special skills ensure their young patients feel comfortable and cared for.

Rising Star Award

The rising star award aims to recognise a healthcare professional who has recently joined Pulse and demonstrates exceptional qualities that embody the best of the healthcare industry, delivering excellent levels of compassionate care to inspire others.

Support Team of the Year Award

Support team of the year is a category that requires a number of support workers to work in close partnership with a client, their family, friends, and carers and provide safe and effective healthcare services to people in their own homes and communities.

Support Workers Award

Support workers offer support for the individuals overall comfort and wellbeing and help people who need care and support to live as independently as possible. It’s a role that requires a huge amount of patience, understanding and professionalism.

Theatre Award

Our theatre nurses and ODPs play a critical role, providing care and support before, during and after surgery. Patients will see their nurses as a friendly face during this, often daunting time, whilst doctors will depend on theatre nurses to keep them on their toes.